How to Prepare Your Pup For Their First Dog Boarding Experience

The main concern for your dog has to be their emotions. You’re going on a trip without them. And if you’re anything like the dog owners at Floppy Dog Daycare, your dog rarely goes a day without spending time with you. You probably know that you and your pup have a deep bond, but what you probably didn’t know is that you can help your furry friend prepare for their extended stay with us at Floppy Dog Daycare so that they can emotionally enjoy themselves while you’re doing the same on your trip.

Tip #1 – Spend Extra Time Together

You’re going on a trip, and you know your pup will be sad about it. This is an excuse to spend even more time with them before you leave. Take your dog for more walks. Play fetch. Or, simply relax on the couch together watching your favorite shows or movies together. Whatever it is that you do with your furry friend, do more of it before you leave.

Tip #2. Introduce Your Dog to Your Dog Boarding Staff

At Floppy Dog Daycare, you can bring your dog in at any time during business hours to meet our staff. We love to meet new friends! This will help your dog get used to us while you’re away on your vacation.

Tip #3. Pack Familiar Items for Your Pup

Similar to a child spending time at a family member’s or friend’s home, send a few familiar toys and items with your dog to keep them comfortable and calm during times of stress. Some dogs experience separation anxiety, and some familiar toys can help keep them calm.

Tip #4. Practice Crate Training

You may or may not have your dog crate trained; however, practicing crate training before doggy daycare will make your dog’s stay at our facility much more enjoyable. You can simply get your pup used to entering and exiting a crate a few times a day to prepare them for their fun experience with us.

Tip #5. Socialize More

Take your dog to the dog park and get them their daily dose of socialization the two weeks leading up to their time in doggy daycare. This will help them make new friends faster when they spend time with us, since we board other dogs, too. At Floppy Dog Daycare, we love to play and relax together as a group, so your dog being socialized creates a fun, friendly environment for everyone.

What to Expect From Floppy Dog Daycare

Leaving your dog with a staff of strangers can be a little overwhelming. You know how your pup likes their food, how they like to be pet, and what shows they love to watch before bed. And you’re concerned for their health if anything were to go wrong.

In short, you’re a great dog owner, and you want to know if the staff at Floppy Dog Daycare will take care of your furry friend as well as you do.

At Floppy Dog Daycare in Littleton, we’re the experts in pup boarding and pet care. Our staff is highly trained in pet first aid and force-free discipline.

We’re a family owned and operated business, and we love dogs just as much as you do.

What’s more, our entire staff has pups of their own that they bring in every day. When it comes to dogs, we may not love your dog as much as you do, but we’re sure as rain in Colorado on a spring afternoon confident that we can take care of your dog.