Does your furry friend need a bath? Want to get their nails trimmed? The Floppy Bath Package offers both for your dog. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your pup is looking and smelling funky. Get your bath package scheduled today!


Did you know trimmed nails helps keep your dog happy and healthy? Their paws and posture are affected by their nail length. This is why it’s important to keep their nails maintained. What’s more, trimmed nails helps prevent infections in their paws. Schedule your dog’s nail trimming today!


While a nail trimming is helpful, a nail buffing adds that extra step in keeping your dog happy and healthy. Buffing your dog’s nails shortens them gradually so that you don’t cut too close to their paw. Keep your dog’s nails in tip top shape. Book your pup’s nail buffing appointment today.


Your dog may shed like crazy, but you don’t have to “deal” with it for long. We offer a comprehensive furminator treatment that gets all the extra shed off your four-legged friend. What’s more, a well-groomed coat helps keep your dog’s skin healthy. Schedule your appointment today!


The Benefits of Our Grooming Services

We know how much you love your four-legged friend. We love our dogs, too! Our basic dog grooming services are a great way to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. After a long adventure out in the woods or a long weekend sleeping on the couch, your dog needs routine skin, coat, and nail treatment to keep them happy and healthy. Here are some benefits of dog grooming services:

Maintain a Healthy Coat and Skin

Your dogs coat and skin are vital to their health. Their coat keeps them warm and protects their skin. Their skin beneath that coat is a natural barrier to the external environment. Keeping both of these clean helps your dog avoid infections, diseases, and more. Grooming services help maintain both to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Reinforce Healthy Foot Structure

Have you ever heard your pup scamper down the hallway and their nails click across the floor? While it may be adorable to witness their excitement to see you, their nail length is a factor in their foot health. As a general rule, your puppy’s nails should not touch the floor while they’re standing still. Keep nails short helps reinforce foot structure and prevent infections in their paws.

Enjoy a Great Look and Smell

For most dog owners, they have an unconditional love for their furry friends. A stinky dog is never easy to cuddle, but you do it anyway. When you choose to groom your pup, you get a nice looking and great smelling friend that you can cuddle for hours.

Early Detection of Infections or Potential Conditions

At Floppy Dog Daycare, we offer ear cleanings, as well as a variety of other dog grooming services. Not only do we clean your dog, but we keep our eyes peeled for any signs of infection or other potential conditions. It’s important that you have your dog groomed to ensure their health and happiness.

Reduce Shedding

While we love our four-legged friends unconditionally, we can get annoyed with how much fur they can leave behind. Shedding is natural for dogs, but you can reduce the amount of fur they leave behind with regular furminator or grooming treatments.