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Tryout Day

Tryout Day: For Pups In Our Dog Daycare Program

*We recommend filling out the Application Packet before Tryout Day

This is a must for all new dog attendees! The tryout is a way for the employees of Floppy Dog Daycare to ensure the dog gets along well with our employees as well as other dogs. In addition, it is a great way to assess if your dog will enjoy our fun-play environment.

  • Your dog must stay for at least 4 hours of playtime (no overnights), and this is at no cost to the owner! Essentially a free half or full day of dog daycare!

  • Owners will fill out all the necessary application so we can get to know both the dog and the owner.

  • Owners must bring or send current vaccination records.

Dogs will then be introduced to our employees to ensure they get along with humans. After that, one of our employees will do a quick body scan to check for any fleas or ticks. Then your dog will be introduced to other dogs — one at a time. This is to ensure the dog isn’t overwhelmed when meeting multiple dogs at once.

Once we can see your dog is acclimated to meeting other dogs, we will allow them to play around freely in our dog runs. They will be placed according to their size, temperament and energy level. If they get moved a couple of times, it’s just because we’re trying to find them the best fit! Once the tryout is over, we will write down our notes on your pup’s report card and discuss with you how they did on their first day at Floppy Dog Daycare!

Tryouts are performed Monday through Friday by appointment only.

* Dogs over 15 minutes late may need to be rescheduled.

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