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Our XL Yard

Dont see the cameras on? The cameras are turned off while we are closed!

Floppy Dog is open:

Weekdays 7am-7pm
Weekends & Holidays 7am-10am & 3pm-7pm

Online Webcams

Watch your dog live!

Our Big Yard

Our Small Yard

Thank you for visiting our online webcam!

Check out our 2 yards with our online webcam! We have two large indoor yards. The big indoor yard is for our hard-charging, ruff-housing, big time playing pups. The smaller yard is where our lower energy dogs go to socialize with each other and keep it mellow.

You’ll see we don’t have toys and play equipment in the yards. We believe having those items can negatively affect the “pack mentally” by causing toy aggression and jealousy among some dogs. We’d rather them run and play with each other, with our attendants there to break them up when it gets too rowdy.

Speaking of pack mentality, you might catch us when everyone’s settled down a bit and decides its group nap time! We don’t train them to do this, and we let the rest when they’ve told us it is time to do so.

Lastly, sometimes you might not see your baby and that’s okay! We monitor all our dogs’ play throughout the day and sometimes a pup might just not be having it and would prefer a little alone time so we let him/her have a break in a clean kennel for a few minutes. Sometimes a dog is being naughty and instigating, and we’ll “hit the reset button” in a clean kennel for a bit. We’ll let you know at pickup what kind of day your pup had!

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